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In the Works!

Bed Side Spare Tire Carrier

The icky Concepts Spare Tire Carrier will have the capability of mounting 2 33"-42" tires along the bed side while still allowing access to your Icky Concepts Bed Side Molle panel. The tire carrier will utilize the factory stake holes in your trucks bed to achieve the strongest mounting possible. This tire carrier will be ready to boogie!!

Bulkhead Spare Tire Carrier

This Spare tire carrier (yes we are planning on making two types) Will attach to your bulkhead molle panel and allow easy access when you need to change a flat. The goal for this design is also to mount a 33"-42" tire.

Icky Concepts Bed Rack

This bedrack will differ from all others on the market. By incorporating the innovative Icky Concepts Molle pattern and a tubular design, this rack will give you the capability and strength you need on any trail.

Universal Molle Panels

If you don't want to run a truck bed molle panel or if our custom molle panels don' serve your needs. Don't Worry! We are in the process of designing and prototyping several different sizes of universal molle panels to be mounted anywhere from in your garage, on the outside of your camper, side of your flatbed, wherever!

Ford Rear Window Molle Panels

We are in the final stages of prototyping the Ram interior rear window molle panels. Once these are completed and tested we will be moving on to Ford rear window panels. Keep your eyes open for this one!

ActionTrax Mounts

We are working closely with Action Trax to develop a custom mounting solution for their traction boards to mount to the Icky Concepts Molle Pattern in the cleanest and strongest way.

GM panels

Yes! Silverado and Sierra panels will be coming out! I don't want you GM guys to feel left out.

5th Gen Ram 1500 Panels

5th gen Ram 1500 Panels will be happening very soon! Chrysler has made it difficult to design products for their newer trucks but when there is a will there is a way! And we have the will!

5th Gen Ram HD Dash molle

We are currently designing a molle panel that mounts to the inside of the tray on the top of the dash of 5th Gen Ram HD trucks. This will allow for phones, ipads, radios, and more to be mounted in the most convenient of locations.

Half Bed Molle panels

We understand that some of you may not need a full panel or can't run one for one reason or another. That is why we will be offering Half bedside and bulkhead panels for all trucks we offer full bed panels for.

Storage boxes

We are about to begin prototyping of storage boxes that mount directly to your molle panels. These will be a weather resistant compartment for your ratched straps, tow chains, and other recovery gear to be safely mounted to your molle panels.

Long Bed Panels

Long bed panels are almost done being designed and ready to begin prototype testing! We will first be offering Ram and Ford long bed molle panels and then will expand into GM at a later date.

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