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OES-Pro (Overland Electrical System) by Craft AtuoWorks

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The OES-Pro is a Lithium Dual battery kit with Alternator, Solar and AC charging options. It's stocked with plenty of DC outputs to keep all your devices charged and running and a 500 watt Victron inverter for 120v AC power. Capacity of this unit is 1280 watt hour from the LiFePO4 battery with integrated self heating system.



-100Ah LiFePO4 Battery w/ Self Heating

-Kisae DC-DC w/ MPPT 30amp Charger

-NOCO Genius 10amp 120v Charger

-DC Breakers and Fuse Panel

-Battery On/Off Switch

-Built in Front Runner Wolf Pack



-Shore Power via NOCO Genius Charger

-Solar Power up to 50vdc 500 watt

-Alternator Charging up to 14vdc 30amp



-Four 12v sockets, Three USB QC3 Ports & One USB-C PD Port

-One 500 watt 120v AC outlet



20.1” Long x 15.8” Wide x 9.1” Tall


Price: $1995

 What makes our systems different from other camping battery packs on the market are four things.


First, our units have Dual 30amp DC Fast charging, meaning you can charge at up to 30amps from the vehicle and solar. This far exceeds most consumer systems that only charge at 8 to 10amps from vehicle, meaning a 3 hour drive will fully charge the OES vs 15+ hours with other units.


Second, our units focus primarily on DC output since most items in your rig are DC. You wont need to be constantly swapping cables with our kits.


Third, our units use LiFePO4 batteries instead of Li-Ion. While most other units on the market only last a few hundred cycles, our batteries last for over 4000 cycles.


Finally, our systems can operate completely sealed in the Front Runner Wolf Pack case and do not require active ventilation. They can operate in light rain, snow and dust. Don't try that with other systems on the market!

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