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Spare Tire Carrier

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This product is currently in fabrication with our manufacturing partner here in Reno, NV. We wanted to open up orders to you can get yours ASAP! As soon as this leaves powder coating it will go into a box and be on its way to you! Potential 2-3 week lead time.


This is a fully adjustable spare tire carrier that is ready for any adventure! This tire carrier holds 35"-38" tires. Mount it directly to our Icky Concepts Ram Bulkhead panel or Ford Bulkhead Panel in any location you want! This tire carrier is fully adjustable along the bulkhead of your truck without the need to drill more holes. Additionally, it can easily be pulled off if you want to set your truck bed up with different gear.


This spare tire carrier consists of a CNC cut and press broken main bracket with a stainless steel nut welded to it. That main bracket mounts to your bulkhead molle panel using stainless steel hardware and a 11ga steel backing plate. This essentially means you are mounting your tire to over a 1/4 inch of steel with the 3 layers of 11ga steel this tire carrier design utilizes. There are two aluminum spacers that allow the side wall of your tire to press against them; this turns the tire into a spring force that keeps the all-thread handle from coming loose while off-roading! And finally, the conical wheel puck is made of MDS-filled nylon. This MDS-filled Nylon will not scratch your wheel finish, will not fade or crack in the sun, and will last forever!

If you really plan on boogying, get yourself a Boogie Bracket. This system ensures the rivet nuts of your bulkhead molle panel will stay firmly in place when you are really abusing your truck on the trails and rocks!



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