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Wildwood Public Lands Spill Kit

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Have you ever been out on the trail and had an oil leak or have been with someone with an oil leak? That oil not only damages out public lands but potentially risks us losing access to them. This spill kit is a great thing to carry in your vehicle for those "just in case" moments. All profits from this spill kit go directly to Wildwood Public Lands to aid in accomplishing their goal and realizing their vision! 

Kit includes:

-Spill Kit instructions

-Rubber Gloves

-Oil Absorbent (cat litter)

-Plastic disposal bag

-Shop Towels 

-Zip Tie

-Absorbent pads

-Wildwood open lands foundation brochure

Our Mission & Vision

The Wildwood Open Lands Foundation is dedicated to promoting conservation and respecting natural and cultural resources.

Our vision is to grow and sustain an interdependent, tri-focused, organization that promotes the conservation, promotion, and education of natural and cultural resources through

1) exploration and publication.

2) acquisition, conservation, and maintenance of undeveloped/open space lands, and

3) establishment and sustainment of an educational operation, and in the future, a publicly interactive facility to display, engage, and support the messaging of the foundation.

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